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Genavieve Inkster

Genavieve Inkster: MA, PgCert, AdvCert, BSc (Hons), MCIPR, MPRCA, FHEA

Hi there, and welcome to my website - thanks for stopping by. This site is primarily dedicated to some of my design and portfolio work, which is the main part of my lecturing duties, as well as some of my personal design interests. It also showcases some photographs I've been lucky enough to take all over the world, and some of the older designs I did as part of my MA in Design, Multimedia and Graphics.

Development on this site is an ongoing process as I am constantly designing new tutorials and graphics. I am lucky enough to spend about 1 month a year in Malaysia as Co-ordinator for our Communication and PR degree in Penang so this website gets updated when I get the chance. If you are interested in my work please come back but remember that all of the designs, tutorials and photographs found on these pages are subject to copyright. If you would like to borrow them then please contact me first.

Although it looks a bit dated now, I also have another website attached to this one, called (N.O.W. Design) The Nightclub of Web Design - feel free to take a look. I am also on LinkedIn if you want to connect via my professional profile - networking is always good.

I hope you enjoy the designs.