Hi there and welcome to my website. All things creative excites me and this site is primarily dedicated to some of my design and portfolio work. It also showcases aspects of my design interests, which includes photography.

I have spent my career working as an academic at two Universities, and more recently in IT in local Government. Ultimately, I am a content writer who develops key messages for a wide-ranging audience.

My main areas of expertise are in Public Relations, Graphic Design, Web Design, Content Design and Visual Communication.

I am extremely interested in understanding the impact that language and visual design has on connecting with the audience. I know how to deliver key messages to a particular target market.

I have over 20 years' experience in content design and copywriting for publication on e-Learning platforms, Intranets and corporate websites. I have a varied skillset and possess advanced skills in graphic and web design, markup and markdown languages, Public Relations and IT.

I would be delighted to hear from you, so if you want to contact me you can catch me on email or via my LinkedIn profile. It is always good to increase your professional network.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, Gen


Genavieve Inkster

The sunset in Penang from the Eastern and Oriental Hotel, Georgetown


A beautiful sunset on the gorgeous island of Penang in Malaysia.

A deckchair in Phuket, Thailand - looking out to sea


Chilling out as the sun decends over the Andaman sea in Thailand.

Spending the day diving an underwater reef in Mauritius


Another idyllic day diving in the Indian Ocean in Mauritius.

A view of sailboards from the Shangri-la hotel, Borneo


A view of sailboards from the Shangri-la hotel in Borneo.