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I originally come from Shetland which is a range of islands in the far north-east of Scotland but have lived in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for the last 20 years. My first degree was in Information and Communication Management and this is where I began my interest in creative publishing and website design. For the last 13 years I have been a Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University in Newcastle. Over the years my teaching has ranged from electronic publishing, website design, multimedia, hypermedia, visual communication and Public Relations. The latter two are now where my teaching specialisms lie.

In 2008 I undertook an MA in Design, Multimedia and Graphics at Sunderland University - and I'm so glad I did. I love spending time out and about with a camera and I currently teach on a range of modules which cover digital design. I use lots of different applications from Animoto for video production, to the Adobe Creative Suite of products - namely Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and PhotoShop, plus a whole load more. One of my main interests is in Typography and how we write copy for the web and social media.

In 2013 I completed an Advanced Certificate in Public Relations. The creativity required in PR is immense - and that's where I'm glad to say my teaching resides. Nothing stands still - which is the best place for any digital designer who doesn't sit still! As you might expect, most of my time is taken up with work but I also take time out to do freelance and commission work. Please feel free to browse my website and if there's anything you'd like to ask just email me.