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Digital Tutorials

Applying Photo Filter and Exposure Effects

First of all I opened the original image in PhotoShop.

Path Original

I then selected the Brush tool which was 60 in size and set the colour to 999999. I then drew a line across one of the pavement cracks (sometimes holding the shift key down to give an angle). If the brush line wasn't positioned totally over the crack I used the Edit > Transform > Rotate until it did.

I added a new layer in the layers palette and repeated the process above. I did this a total of 12 times until I had 12 brush strokes covering all of the pavement cracks. I then merged down all of these layers until they were one.

I kept the brush layer active and choose the Gradient Tool and with the foreground set to a light brown and the background set to white I diagonally applied the effect. This gives a less harsh effect.

I double clicked on the Background Layer to make it active and went to Image > Adjustments > Threshold and set it to 200.

I created a new layer and with the foreground colour set to white I applied a small cross-hair target. The Move tool was used to position appropriately.

I finished off the design by applying a small piece of text 'weed killer' which was a mid-green (339900).

This is the final result:

Path Final